How To Beat Genetics To Get A Hourglass Figure

By 28 April 2017

Let’s skip the small talk (I know you want to improve your body shape – there’s always room for it) and get straight into the part that will help you to attain a hourglass figure.

Getting this ideal body shape – 36” breasts – 24” belly – 36” booty – is not for everyone. It’s hard to reach these body dimensions when we’re all different. That’s why your “perfect” hourglass figure may vary depending on:

  1. Height;
  2. Body type;
  3. Bone structure.

This means everyone’s hourglass sizes will differ. So we can’t talk about 36″ – 24″ – 36″ (or 90 – 60 – 90 in cm) unless you have a perfect high, body type and bone structure. You should rather focus on achieving a decent body ratio, than counting every inch.

The body ratio you should follow for a hourglass figure has to be 3:2:3 inches on an average (that means it can also be 32”- 22”- 32”, or 32”- 22”- 34”). But if you’re somewhere there, your goal is reached!

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