Lose 20 pounds in a Week with our Grapefruit and Egg Diet

By 4 July 2017

Nowadays there’s a new diet emerging and getting more and more popular. The diet is all about grapefruit and eggs. The reason is getting popular is because with this diet you can lose like 20 pounds in a matter of days.

At first it really sounds not so convincing but let us elaborate a little bit more. Grapefruit in fact is a fruit among the ones that break down and burn fat. Moreover this fruit enhances the metabolism meaning digestion is improved. On the other side eggs are considered to be the best source of protein and combining these two means boosted weight loss.

This type of diet is very strict, so beware if you have some health issues not to undergo this diet regime. The regime is usually for up to 7 days, but we recommend 3-4 days because in this period of time you’ll notice amazing result and it is unnecessary to continue with it.

Main Menu:

You have to consume 5 grapefruit combined with 5-9 egg whites per day. The ideal dosage would be 10 portions of egg white and ½ grapefruit every hour. You have to drink a lot of water and you also should be active, for example: 45 minutes of walking per day.

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