Practical, Simple Weight Loss Advice!

By 7 May 2017

As a top nutrition pro in the world, Nate Miyaki’s no-bullshit approach gets results, like his program The Half Day Diet. In this exclusive DIY interview, he shares his doable weight loss approach!

Plus, if you dig his style (you will), get a helluva discount at the end!

How to Simply Lose Your First 5lbs…

Constant hunger… Constant temptation… Sound familiar? Ready to take control? Well, we brought in the expert for you!

Nate Miyaki’s programs take the confusion out of dieting – like The Half Day Diet. 

You’ll see below as he discusses his simplistic, practical weight loss philosophy!

How do you make nutrition easier?

DSC_8762_E-web1Nate has done everything from being a top fitness trainer in SHAPE, Live Strong, Men’s Health…etc. to being a widely popular fitness author. He knows how to get you results!

Nate simplifies nutrition with a three-pronged approach that can help anyone lose those first 5 pounds. The first one is for sedentary individuals to use a Paleo or caveman approach.

,,Cut out refined foods, eat more real natural foods and it will take you 90% of the way.”

“For more active individuals, I favor adding some starch back to that template which ends up looking what I call more of a Japanese village diet.

Which is basically the same thing fish, protein, vegetables and fruit with a little bit of starch coming from potatoes and rice.

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