8 Exercises to a Round and Lifted Butt

By 28 March 2017

Exercises for a Big Butt must include all 3 Muscles

In order to build a big round butt we must understand the anatomy of the glute muscles. Our glute muscles consist of three separate muscles. These muscles include the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and the gluteus minimus. The gluteus maximus is located above the gluteus medius and is the largest of the three muscles. This will be the main muscle we will concentrate on for adding size. However, the gluteus medius located on the high end above your gluteus maximus, and your gluteus minimus located on the lower end below your gluteus maximus and ties in with your ham strings are also very important for developing the full round shape you are seeking.

Randomly selecting three or four different exercises for a big butt workout will not insure you are hitting all three glute muscles and leave you with minimal results. Our task is to not only hit our butt with intensity, but also hit all three glute muscles for maximum muscle stimulation and growth. Now let us move on to our top big butt exercise list.