Fast and Easy – Yoga Poses to Release Neck and Shoulder Pain

By 20 March 2017
Many people suffer from neck and shoulder pain on a regular basis. Stress, poor posture, accidents, and long-stored physiological tension can contribute to a mild stiff neck or even a full-blown muscle spasm of the neck, shoulders, and upper back.

When confronted with neck pain, we tend turn to medication or a heating pad for relief. But, there are some easy stretches that, when done regularly, can help relieve and possibly even ward off, this tightness. Whether your neck and shoulders are sore because you slept funny or overdid it in your exercise routine or because you’re stressed, these yoga poses can help relieve the pressure.

1. Arm Across Chest Pose

Sit comfortably on the floor or on a chair with your spine straight, neck elongated, and shoulders in a relaxed position. Reach the right arm out so it is at shoulder height and bring it across the chest toward the left side of your body. Turn your gaze to look over your right shoulder. This pose will stretch the neck and back of the shoulders. Hold for approximately 8-10 breaths then switch sides.

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